Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is the "Primary Contact"?

This is the dedicated Connections contact in your newsagency. This person is responsible for handling all of the aspects of your Connections Membership including the safe-keeping of your Membership number and password, the redemption of your Connections Rewards Points, and your participation in the Weekly Promotional Calendar. The Primary Contact will have access to all program and rewards information and receive all electronic newsletters and mailings addressed to them.

Can I nominate my partner to be the "Primary Contact"?

Yes, but it is important to note that they will receive all of the program, and account information including the Connections Rewards Points.

How often will I receive material from Connections?
Each week you will receive a special Weekly Promotional Calendar "Promotional Pack" which will contain the point of sale materials you will need to support the promotion(s) in your newsagency for that week.

You will also receive a weekly electronic newsletter from Connections. This will inform you of all the latest news, promotions, Special Offers, Business Builders, and other relevant information on the program.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. It is as simple as dressing your newsagency with the point of sale materials you receive each week to support the title(s) that are being promoted in the Weekly Promotional Calendar.

Do I have to pay any money to be a Member of Connections?

No, Membership is free.

What happens if I sell my newsagency?

You must claim your Connections rewards prior to selling your newsagency or you will lose your points. Points are not transferable to the new owner.

Can I leave the program?

Yes. You can leave the program at any time by giving Connections notice in writing. 

What happens to my points if I decide to leave the program?

Your Connections Rewards Points will be cancelled.

Are supermarkets allowed to join?


My e-mail address and/or contact details have changed. Who do I advise?

You may either update your profile on-line, or email Changes to e-mail addresses normally take one week to come in to effect. 

How do I earn Connections Rewards Points?

There are 3 main ways by which you can earn Connections Rewards Points. These are:

Selling Are Media Magazine Titles and continually striving to grow sales
Connections Reward Points per major title (AWW, Woman's Day, New Idea, That's Life, Take 5, Who and TV Week)
Connections Rewards Points for all other eligible Are Media Magazine Titles
Connections Rewards Points for Are Media Books sent to you (less 3 Connections Rewards Points for any Are Media Books that you return)

Program Partner Support
By supporting a program partner as offered by Connections you will be able to earn more Connections rewards points.

PC Participation
Through consistent participation in the Promotional Calendar, you increase your ability to earn Connections Rewards Points in the following ways:
Bonus Display Competitions where up to 100,000 Connections Rewards Points are offered for the Best Promotional Display.
Sales Growth Competitions where your percentage sales increase for a specific title can score you Bonus Connections Rewards Points.
Other special promotions where you can earn double points for each sale of the PC title or win points for dual-locating a PC title.
Eye-catching displays boost your sales of PC sales titles and indirectly grow your Connections Rewards Points.

Which titles can I earn Connections Rewards Points for selling?

For a complete list of Magazine Titles eligible for earning rewards points click here.

When do I start earning Connections Rewards Points?

You will start earning Connections Rewards Points on all Connections eligible titles that go on-sale on or after the date of approval of your Membership.

How often will I be notified of my Connections Rewards Points balance?
Monthly, however there will be a minimum 3 month delay between selling a magazine and the Connections Rewards Points appearing on your monthly statement.

Who is allowed to redeem the Connections Rewards Points?

The designated Connections "Primary Contact", as detailed on your Connections Member Profile.

If I am cancelled do I lose my Connections Rewards Points?

All points accrued will be lost when your Membership is cancelled due to non participation in the Promotional Calendar. If you are advised that your Membership will be cancelled for another reason you will be given a short term in which to redeem points prior to being cancelled.

If I own more than one store, can I combine my Connections Reward Points Points?

Yes. Where one newsagent owns a number of stores, they will be able to pool all their points to redeem rewards. Just email and we will arrange to combine points from your stores to the value of your desired reward.

How long do my Connections Rewards Points last?

3 years.

How do I redeem Connections Rewards Points for Connections Rewards?

You can redeem your Connections Rewards Points via two channels. You can redeem your points directly in our online Rewards Catalogue. This offers a complete and up-to-date listing for all Connections rewards. Alternatively, emjail and a Customer Service Representative will help you to claim your Connections reward.

Who controls the Connections rewards?

  Are Media.

How will the Connections rewards be delivered?

By each reward supplier directly to your Newsagency address.

How often can I redeem Connections Rewards Points?

As often as you like - as long as you have enough Connections Rewards Points.

Can I share my Connections Rewards Points with my sub-agents or customers?

Yes, you can purchase rewards for them with your Connections Rewards Points

Can I use my points to claim Connections rewards for my staff?

Yes, it's an ideal way to motivate and reward your staff.

How long will it take for my Connections reward to arrive?

Please allow 21 days from claiming the Connections reward to delivery. With conversion of Connections Rewards Points to Qantas Frequent Flyer points 8 weeks should be allowed.

What happens when the reward I ordered is no longer available?

The website is continually updated to reflect the most up-to-date list of rewards available. Should we be advised by a supplier that a reward is no longer available after your order has been placed, Connections Customer Service will contact you. Should a similar or improved product be available, Customer Service will inform you of the new product specifications and points required. Alternatively, you have the option to cancel your order and reclaim your points.

What happens if my Connections reward is damaged?

Call us on 02)9288 9148 or email us at and you will be provided with the contact details of the supplier to organise replacement.

I typed in the wrong code for my reward. What can I do?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of claiming rewards. Call the Customer Service centre immediately. If the order has not been received/processed by the reward supplier, then the error MAY be able to be rectified, but as the system is fully automated, this is not always possible.

How will I be told about upcoming promotions in the Weekly Promotional Calendar?

There are 3 major ways through which you will be advised:
• In the weekly Connections with Are Media e-newsletter
• Regular updates from your merchandiser (should you have one)
• At the Connections website.

What form does the point of sale promotional material come in?

You can choose your Connections Promotional Pack Size. This will be delivered with your magazines each week. You can change this selection at any time, however there may be up to a 4 week delay before your change will be reflected in your Promotional Pack delivery.

How will the Weekly Promotional Calendar benefit me?

Participation in the Weekly Promotional Calendar should increase customer traffic and magazine sales in your store. In addition, it will help you plan your promotions and focus your displays as well as ensuring that you get the right amount of promotional material in plenty of time for the on-sale date of the magazine.

I did not receive a promotional pack this week? What do I do?

Call us on 02)92889148 or email us at and we will arrange to deliver one with the next magazine delivery. Remember to check your Promotional Calendar - some promoted titles have Monday on-sale dates, whereas others may have a Thursday on-sale date.

How can I successfully manage my sub-agents stock?

Review Allocations
Regularly review all allocations. As a minimum, weekly titles should be reviewed every 4 weeks and monthly titles every 2 issues. Being vigilant in this area will ensure you provide the appropriate level of supply to meet expected sales and minimise returns.

Stock what will sell
Don't waste valuable shelf space. Don't supply product for the sake of it. Only supply what a subagent can sell multiple copies of. Where the average sale of a magazine sits between 0 and 0.99 copies, a NIL allocation should apply.

Sales Spike
Magazine sales spike immediately upon a magazine being released and fall rapidly thereafter. At the start of an on-sale period, the number of facings in your territory will be expanded, and as on-sale period progresses, that title may not be available in some, or all your subagents, however you have capitalised on the initial sales spike. That space can be better used by another title in an earlier stage of its lifecycle. Eg Country Style and House and Garden can be interchanged on the same shelf space every two weeks, maximising the sales spike of each title, and minimising waste.

Regular top-ups enable you to maximise sales in your subagents during the initial sales spike, will leave you with more product in your store, and will minimise waste. So supply less stock initially, and offer top-ups as subagents sell-out.

Who do I approach when I have a dispute with a sub-agent?

Email to let us know and we will be in touch.

If one of my subagents is a direct drop subagent will I get points for their store sales?

No. A direct drop subagent has their own delivery drop, account number, allocations and invoices. As such, it is not possible for us to calculate points for their sales to your store.

What is Emerald Club?

Emerald Club is a whole new level of choice, opportunity and support for outstanding Connections Members. Through Emerald Club, Connections recognises its top 200 performing agents with an elevated platform of privilege and rewards.

How long does Emerald Club Membership last?

Emerald Club Membership lasts for 6 months.

Where do I find the latest information on Are Media?

You are able to view the latest information about all Are Media on the main Are Media website at

How do I get an invite to the Connections Conference?

Through a combination of two factors:

Sales Growth
Connections Members who show a significant Year on Year growth in their sales of Are Media Magazine Titles will be eligible for an invitation to the Connections Conference.

Supportive Attitude
Agents need to also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the Connections Program through PC participation, regular competition submissions, and program feedback.

How do you judge Best Display competitions? What makes a good display?

Connections promotional displays are judged on the basis of Scale, Location and Creativity.


A good scale display is one which is both tall and wide, utilises all available POS and has a blocked image rather than scattered POS.
Location- Premium in-store locations are the window, gondola end and any location which is highly visible from the front of store, and/or which is close to the appropriate magazines.

This refers to use of additional POS such as streamers and balloons, the use of relevant theme or cover-specific props, active marketing like spruiking or baking recipes, and the use of community marketing such as letter-box drops, handouts and competitions.
By scoring well in these three area, Members can improve their chances of winning a Best Display Bonus Prize.

How do I know that you received my Best Display entry?

Your entry is logged in a spreadsheet as soon as we receive it. If you wish to confirm that your entry has been entered for a particular week, please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative on 02)9288 9148

Can I get any help in creating my displays?

Business Builders contain useful tips and are available on the website in .pdf formats as well as the Photo Gallery section which displays the latest efforts from our Members. Even stores receiving a small promotional pack can create a simple, effective display in a few minutes. For stores in metropolitan areas, merchandiser assistance is available to window dedicated stores, but all other Members who receive POS packs in sizes other than window packs put the displays up themselves.

Do I need to send in pictures of every display?

No. Only if you want to be eligible to partake in a competition. Digital photos in .jpeg format only can be forwarded to Don't forget your store name and Membership number!

How does Are Media determine my allocation?

Magazines are unique in that each issue has a different sales potential. Your stores future allocation is based on both your demonstrated sales history and the forecast performance of the issue in question. As such the allocation will vary from issue to issue. IF you manage subagents this same process is critical to ensure you have stock in the right locations.

Why can't Are Media use my sales data which is more up-to-date and accurate?

The time lag between sales being incurred in your store and the data being available to use is a major issue effecting both of us. Technological developments such as improved versions of XchangeIT and Newsagents embracing the use of such systems is critical to delivering improved stock management.

Why do supermarkets always have stock when I am selling out?

All retailers trading are managed through the same processes regardless of outlet type. The criteria & process for allocations are set and undertaken at the title level. Supermarkets are not subject to different efficiency measures.